Chronic Pain

In general, every living organism needs two basic things in order to operate indefinitely: nutrients and waste removal. Either one of them diminished causes aging and degeneration. Staying physically active and taking care of the body is something that everyone of us heard at least once in a lifetime. How about considering every day of your life as an investment in your health account? Following this paradigm, people would get healthier with the age, not sicker, the way they have been led to believe by the disease managing market. It is a propagated by allopathic medicine illusion that the health can be achieved and sustained only by means of chemical control. On the opposite, holistic medicine teaches that the body has natural ability to heal itself and that its intelligence is more powerful than man-made chemicals.

Just a few years ago I used to say that I want to change this broken SYSTEM. Now I know, the biggest problem is not the system, but the a person’s MINDSET. Many people would rather not participate in the healing process that requires some effort on their part; they want an immediate cure, something that will stop the annoying symptoms- the joint and muscle pain, the fatigue,etc. so they can continue on their path of self-ignorance and self-abuse. Holistic medicine promotes a healthy condition which is not conducive to disease by allowing the body to express its natural potential. That is a different path that can be taken by CHOICE. The holistic approach to life is something that you do every day whether you are healthy or sick. It is a lifestyle, a better quality of life. I know, that to a certain extent, the message I am trying to convey will fall on the deaf ear. I am at peace with that. The number of people spending thousands of dollars per year out of their pockets for alternative healing methods that are not covered by their healthcare plans are on the rise. That is a fundamental shift. And that is WHY I do what I do. I love saving my clients from expensive procedures, dangerous drugs, thousands of co-pays and deductibles. When your view about pain changes, it transforms how you approach treatment, and it determines the treatment.

According to Travell & Simons, 90% of pain originates in microscopic areas of imbalance in muscles called trigger points, not in disease or injury. If it was an injury, I wouldn’t be able to help my client restore normal, pain-free range of motion in one treatment session. This is excellent news, because it means that we can have significant, even total success in helping the body work its way out of chronic pain and limited movement, and treat non-injury types of pain without resort to drugs, surgery or a reduction in activity. While muscles cause pain and have to be treated, we use functional anatomy and coordinated movement approach to achieve faster and more comprehensive results by focusing on normalizing the range and the quality of the joints’ motions.So for all of you who are determined to find and eliminate the cause of your pain, rather than continue taking care of the symptoms, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A mental paradigm shift opens up the world of hundred possible ways to add life to your years and add years to your life. As I’ve said earlier, it is a matter of CHOICE.