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Make Holiday Shopping Fun On The Run

With the holiday shopping comes a variety of choices and decisions you have to make.  Do you host the family for breakfast this year, or struggle through another fat and sugar laden meal at your in-laws?  Do you insist on taking your morning run, knowing you’ll likely wake up those sleeping in when you turn on the shower.  It’s not your fault the plumbing’s so old the pipes make more noise than a toddler playing a tuba, but you’ll still get the side-eye.  And do you suffer through those snide remarks about how skinny you look, when you’re proud you’ve lost enough to fit into your ex-large jeans again?  Oh, decisions, decisions!  Well, relax.  This year, there’s an easy decision you can make that will help ease all the worry and stress.  Just search Groupon for money saving deals at Hudson Bay.

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Say you decide to host brunch on Christmas morning.  Using a Groupon, you can save on a shiny new Nespresso machine, and have them wake to the aroma of a dark, rich coffee, plus fresh fruit, juice and scones.  And without missing a step, or moving your car, you can click on the tab for sleepwear, and order matching pajamas for the whole gang.  No fussing about not having anything to wear.  No worries about dressing for company.  They’ll love the idea, and the comfort it brings.  And with Groupon, you’ll love the savings.  You can instantly chop off 59% on sale items, and even more on Hudson Bay Home items.  And you can shop for all these things from the comfort of your home or office, and easily qualify for free shipping.  Look at it this way, when you buy these neat items for family and friends, they just might be so excited, they’ll get up and join you for that morning run.

Healthy Snack Ideas

• Wheat Fruit Pancakes

Cooking time: 15 to 20 minutes

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, milk, seasonal fruits, sugar (optional), butter/ghee, honey

Method: Chop all dry fruits into small pieces. Mix Ragi powder, milk, and sugar in a bowl and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Brush the pan with butter and pour half a ladle of batter on the pan. Cook it properly from both the sides. Set aside to cool it down. Layer it with banana slices and drizzle honey on the pancake.

Note: Make sure your kid is not allergic to any dry fruits. You may use the dry fruit powder in it instead of pieces. You can add other fruits of your baby’s choice as well.

• Besan Chilla

Time: 10 to 15 minutes

Ingredient: Chickpea flour, salt, beans, capsicum, carrot, onion, butter

Method: Wash and dry all veggies. Chop them into small pieces. Mix chickpea flour, veggies, salt, pepper and water in a bowl. Prepare a batter of similar consistency. Heat the pan and brush it with butter. Pour half a ladle of batter into the pan. Cook it properly from both the sides and let it cool down before offering it to the child.

Note: You can opt for veggies as per the preference of your child. Make sure the veggies are chopped into small pieces and cooked properly.

• Colorful sandwiches

Time required: 15 to 20 minutes

Ingredient required: Brown bread, Tomato, Onion, Cucumber, salt, butter, ketchup, mayonnaise

Method: Wash and clean all the vegetable. Cut veggies into small pieces and set aside. Put a little butter on a pan and toast bread. Mix mayonnaise and veggies in a bowl. Spread it evenly on the bread. Sprinkle salt and pepper. Use a cookie cutter to give shapes to these sandwiches.

Note: Select the veggies as per your baby’s liking. Use ketchup to make a smiley face on a sandwich to make it more appealing to your child.

Your child still has a small stomach, so he might get hungrier more often. Feed him one to two snacks throughout the day to keep his energy level up.

Successful Diets

The Simple Mistake that Stops Successful Diets in their Tracks

So, what is the simple mistake made by millions of unsuspecting dieters? The simple mistake they make is, they ‘go on a diet,’ or, ‘start a diet’ and when they ‘go on a diet’ that’s what they get, ‘a diet.’ What is a diet? Everyone who has ever been on a diet or on lots of diets knows what a diet is for them; this information is already downloaded into their subconscious mind. For most people diets are hard, they comprise deprivation, calorie counting and denial. When you go ‘on a diet’ you will get all of that, and whatever else a diet means to you, and that may be all you’ll get, because going on a diet is as foolish as going on a journey.

Imagine setting off in your car, ‘on a journey,’ without a destination? A journey means travelling and so you would, on this journey, just drive round and round. You’d have to fill up with fuel every so often and probably you’d sleep in the car. The journey would go on until you decided on a destination. However, the idea of anyone being foolish enough to do that is so bizarre that you cannot imagine any sane person setting off on a ‘journey.’ Going, ‘on a diet’ without a final destination is just a crazy, for the same reason going on a journey without a destination is mad. When you get up to go somewhere, you have to have a destination in mind, don’t you? Even if it’s just the kitchen or the toilet you are going to, you have to direct your actions. That’s why, simply going ‘on a diet’ is utter madness yet that is what hundreds of thousands of otherwise intelligent people are doing, worldwide, every day.

On their ‘diet’ they turn down cake and treats, they count calories, cut out carbs, and increase exercise and then, when the diet doesn’t work they tell themselves they lack the willpower needed to succeed. Yet, what if, just what if, it wasn’t so much the lack of willpower but the lack of a final destination that was creating the problem? Your subconscious mind will take you unerringly towards the focus of you attention, if your attention is on ‘diet,’ then ‘diet’ it is. You’ll never get slim by going on a ‘diet’ but you may get slim if you ‘diet’ to reach your goal of your ideal size and weight and that’s what successful dieters do.

Benefit Of Eating Dry Fruits on Empty Stomach

Dry fruits are rich in minerals and proteins and can benefit our body if eaten on an empty stomach. It is recommended to eat a handful of dry fruits daily in order to stay fit. There is a huge variety that are available in the market such as cashews, nuts, almonds, and walnuts etc. They have many health benefits, this is the reason they are highly recommended by the doctors and nutritionists. They are delicious and can be consumed raw, as they are ready to eat items. You can also use them in various recipes such as cakes, smoothies, and pudding etc. The best thing is that you can enjoy them in every season, as they are available in packed boxes that can be preserved for months. Here are some benefits of eating dry fruits on an empty stomach.

  • Prevent Constipation – These are highly effective in treating constipation. This is because they are rich in fiber that helps to control the blockage of our bowel. The high glucose that is presented in these nuts has high gastrointestinal fluids that help to digest the food. It is recommended to eat them on an empty stomach to get rid of constipation.
  • Improves Hemoglobin Level – Dry fruits are the rich source of vitamins and fibers that are essential for our body. Eating them on an empty stomach helps to maintain the blood level that reduces the risk of blood clotting. Nuts like cashews help to improve the cholesterol that prevents from heart diseases. Adding them to your daily meal will help you to maintain a good health.
  • Provides Nutrition – Dry fruits are known as the most concentrated source of nutrition. It is true that after the drying process, they become richer in nutrients. The calcium and iron presented in these nuts get increased, so, it is preferred to eat than the fresh one.
  • Skin Health – These nuts serve amazing benefits that can enhance your skin. Eating them on an empty stomach will help you to get soft skin. Dry fruits have nutrients that flush out the toxins from our body and provide us glowing skin.

There are some top benefits of eating dry fruits in the early morning. An empty stomach will help these nuts to get digested properly and provides you its complete nutrition. You must add some variety so; try to add 2-3 types of nuts in a single serving, as every nut has its own health benefits.

Health Benefits of Dry Fruits

Mix of dried fruits

Dry fruits are the dried form of fruits you can buy in the market. They offer a lot of health benefits, such as better stamina. Therefore, experts often recommend eating dry fruits prior to doing exercise. Dry fruits are also sent as gifts on Diwali and many other festivals. Given below are some prominent health benefits of eating dry fruits.

1. Dry fruits help you fight cancer

Dried apricots and apples can help you keep cancer away. Actually, these two contain phytonutrients that serve as antioxidants. Aside from this, they are a great source of fiber, iron, Vitamin A and C.

2. Skin health

Your skin is an important part of your immunity. If you want to keep your skin fresh, moisturized and glossy, we suggest that you eat dried mangoes. As a matter of fact, dry mangoes are heavy with lots of vitamins, fatty acids and phytonutrients.

3. Potassium

Dry prunes and apricots contain a lot of potassium and sodium. Both of these play a great role in balancing the water levels in your body. The fact of the matter is that potassium helps your body maintain blood pressure.

4. Fiber

For better digestion, your body needs adequate amount of fiber. Actually, fruits, such as fig and cherry contain a lot of fiber. So, they should be part of your healthy diet. Moreover, cherries are on the list of fruits that contain a lot of antioxidants.

5. Iron

As far as iron goes, dry apricots and prunes are your best choice. They help you prevent anemia. Apart from this, you can opt for raisins as they are heavy with iron, phosphorous, magnesium, and potassium, to name a few. Eating them on a regular basis keeps your blood circulation in check.

6. Dry fruits have zero fat

These fruits don’t contain fat and are rich in calories. If you are trying to lose weight, you may want to eat dry fruits on a regular basis. Since they are heavy with fiber, you will feel full throughout the day.

7. Cholesterol level

As far as protein goes, nuts are on top of the list. The reason is that they are rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients and fiber. Moreover, they contain good fats that help you control your cholesterol level

8. Migraine relief

If you or your loved ones want relief from migraine, eating cashews is a good idea. Actually, cashew nuts contain a lot of magnesium that helps you control your blood pressure, migraine headaches, fatigue and muscle spasms. Apart from this, magnesium works with calcium in order to make your bones and muscle stronger.

9. Brain and hair health

Dry fruits, such as almonds contain fatty acids, proteins and fibers. If you apply this mixture to your face, you can get rid of dirt and dead skin cells. Aside from this, for hair, you can use almond oil for adding shine and luster. Long story short, dry fruits are very helpful for your physical and mental health. You should give them a go.

Diet Plan of Female Wrestlers

Diet Plan In detail

First thing in the morning is a glass of water on an empty stomach followed by some stretching and warm up exercises. Drinking water in the morning helps cleanse your bowel, detoxify your body and helps boost immunity. It increases appetite and raises the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) by 24% thereby aiding in weight loss and muscle tone.


Sprout salad: The sprout salad can be easily prepared by a variety of sprouts available such as gram sprouts, moong bean, kidney beans, split peas etc. Sprouts are naturally nutritious wonder food, a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Biotin, Iron and Zinc.

Including sprouts in your diet has varied health benefits like rejuvenating your skin, enhances collagen production, helps in detoxification process and prevents premature aging. So, go ahead and enjoy the mix and match of various sprout recipes to reap its benefits.

Fresh Fruits, Vegetables: Consuming fruits and vegetable rich diet provides your body with all the necessary nutrients vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Fresh vegetables are naturally low in calories and rich in dietary fibre, Vitamin A and C, Folic acid and Potassium.

Intake of food rich in Potassium like Soybeans, spinach, Lentils and Kidney beans etc helps maintain normal blood pressure. Dietary Fibre from Most vegetables reduces blood cholesterol levels and helps in forming the roughage which aids digestion. Folic acid rich food like broccoli, avocado, lentils etc stimulates the formation of red blood cells. Vitamin C rich citrus fruits have wound healing properties.

Milk, Soybeans: Cow’s milk is considered the best diet for stronger bones and teeth as it offers a rich source of calcium and Vitamin D. It also has supplements like Potassium which helps in vaso-dilation thereby lowering your blood pressure. The most important dietary change a healthy person should opt for is reducing the intake of sodium and optimizing the intake of potassium. The optimal quantity of 4069 mg of Potassium per day reduces the risk of heart diseases by 50% approximately. Cow’s milk is also designed for muscle-building.

Whole Soy foods are an excellent source of fibre, Calcium, Vitamin B Complex and omega 3- fatty acids. It is the only complete non-animal protein as it is a plant source of eight of essential amino acids. These foods provide us with high quality protein and are very low in saturated fat making it a healthy and complete meal in itself. Whole soybeans are the best as they contain isoflavonoids, and a diet rich in isoflavone phytochemicals forms a base for a balanced diet.

Dry Fruits: Raisins are high energy food supplements for wrestlers. They are well-known for gaining weight in a healthy way. They are ideal food for maintaining an athletic body as they provide the wrestlers with powerful boosts of energy. The high content of Iron and copper in raisins helps in the formation of red blood cells.

Almonds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and contain filling fiber which keeps you full for a longer time. They are best consumed as snacks in between meals to keep your hunger pangs at bay. These beloved nuts contain a unique and protective phyto-sterol antioxidants and a plant protein as well. When consumed along with raisins they complement each other.

Cheat days: Sometimes the wrestlers like to have breakfast of their choice like aaloo paratha with curd or other healthy variations. These cheat days are allowed to satisfy their cravings and follow the diet plan with utmost discipline.


Tips to Manage Hand and Leg Pain

After a hard day at work or even in the gym, we often face swelling or stiffness in our hands and legs, which is not only annoying but also ends up sapping the strength of it and diminishing our ability to carry out with the rest of the day. Ranging from a dull ache to a severe stabbing sensation, hand and leg pain affects all age groups. But what is overlooked are the simple steps that can be followed at home to ease and handle hand and leg pain at home.

1. Compress the pain

Strenuous physical activity often leads to swelling and inflammation in your hands and legs and a simple cold compress can be made at home by wrapping a bag of frozen peas or a few ice cubes in a thin towel. Apply this cold compress on the affected area for 10-15 minutes while keeping the affected area elevated. Doing this a couple of times a day can ‘compress’ the pain.

2. Epsom salt soak

Magnesium, which is an important electrolyte that helps in regulating nerve signals in our body, is present in this miracle worker. Fill a bath tub with hot water and add half a cup with Epsom salt and soak the affected hand or leg for 15 minutes to reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and also works as a natural relaxant. Repeating this 2-3 times a week is sure to reduce pain and increase the flexibility of hands and legs to perform routine tasks with normal strength.

3. ‘Exercise’ the pain away

Repetitive activities like typing, knitting etc. need to be done by taking a 5 minute break every hour to bend your fingers forward and then backwards followed by rotating the wrists clockwise and then anticlockwise. Flexing your wrist back and forth and then wiggling all the fingers of both your hands ensures that the movements of the joints remain smooth which decreases the chance of stiffness and pain. Stretching your achy leg muscles can do wonders for relieving the pain. Perform calf stretches by holding the back of a chair while standing on your toes and holding the position for a few seconds, before lowering it back to the ground. Repeat this a few times and avoid overstretching for instant relief.

4. Massage can keep the pain at bay

Gently rubbing or massaging the painful area enhances the blood flow and hence provides relief. Firmly hold on to the painful area and push your fingertips deep into it for 10-15 and then release a repeat a few times to relieve pain caused due to muscle cramping. But it should be kept in mind to massage with clean hands and to stop immediately if it seems to cause pain to the person suffering from leg or hand pain.

5. Drink to numb the pain
And by that, we mean water! A lot of times the main reason of muscle cramps in your legs and hands boil down to a very simple factor: dehydration. Throughout the day, when your body sweats, you lose a lot of water and electrolytes like potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride and sodium, which leaves your body depleted, causing muscle cramps. Hence consume at least 8-10 glasses of water a day and say goodbye to leg and hand pain!


How to Prevent Knee Injuries

Your knees are more delicate than you think. Vulnerable to wear and tear, the knees can be prone to pain and injury if we don’t take measures to protect them before exercising. With that said, here are some useful tips for protecting your knees and preventing knee injuries.

  • Be extra careful with stairs
    Bounding up and down stairs puts a huge amount of strain on your kneecaps, and should be avoided unless you’re in fantastic shape. Instead, you should gently walk up and down stairs, holding on to the railing for support.
  • Invest in a knee support brace
    If you really want to protect your knees when you exercise, investing in a knee support brace is an excellent idea. These braces will surround and support your kneecaps by applying pressure at the right places around the knee. These can both protect knees and prevent injuries, and they can also act as vital support after a knee has been injured. Choose something in a breathable, washable fabric for the best results.
  • Maintain a healthy weight
    Putting on excess weight is not only unhealthy for your heart and other major organs, it also puts unnecessary pressure on your knees. Even putting on a few extra pounds can pile on the pressure on your knees when it comes to doing routine activities like walking or climbing stairs. The good news is, this can be reversed by simply losing the weight.
  • Be careful where you walk
    If you have injured knees or you have a condition like osteoarthritis, it’s best to avoid walking on uneven surfaces like grass or cobblestones. Instead, choose a smooth footpath that’s tarmac or concrete. This will lessen your chances of tripping and injuring yourself.
  • Watch your squats and lunges
    When doing these exercises, be very careful not to bend your knee more than the usual 90-degree angle. This means making sure your knee stays directly over your foot when doing lunges.
  • Strengthen your inner thighs
    The muscles at your inner thighs are extremely important for absorbing the impact when you walk, preventing that impact from reaching your knees. Any exercises that strengthen these muscles will also help your knees.
  • Take care when cycling
    If you like to ride a bike, be careful about the placement of your saddle. A saddle that is too low will force you to bend your knees more when peddling, placing undue pressure on them in the process. Instead, make sure your saddle is high enough so that your leg is straight when the pedal is at its lowest point.
  • Wear the right shoes
    Your knees need plenty of cushioning from the impact caused by them slamming down on the pavement when you walk. This can only be provided by a pair of good quality shoes that has adequate support for the arches of your feet. Make sure you replace old running shoes regularly, and choose styles that have a thicker sole for more cushioning.

Best Hip Stretches

After a workout is the ideal time to execute static stretches. Everyone is able to gain from exercise, and truly feel good whilst doing it. These sorts of stretching exercises are like those used in yoga. In reality, my problem was a ton simpler. A very good yoga class will create a difference, particularly for newbies. Actually, you ought to take the opportunity to incorporate a review of your favourite yoga articles when you are there, and help out future yogis that are looking for some shopping help.

You may be wearing your favourite barco scrubs whenever you have a quick break and participate in some very simple shoulder shrugs and circles. Be certain to hold this stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds. Just be certain you communicate and tell them once you’re able to truly feel a gentle stretch. Standing on a single foot causes leverage. Some of your initial agility will return. When you think about stretching, it is usually this kind of stretching that immediately springs to mind. A good idea is to seek advice from the doctor before opting to take chiropractic therapy. It’s excellent to keep in mind that treatment for sciatic nerve pain isn’t a quick-fix. If so then rather than panicking, you should learn about this surgery before undergoing it.

Top Best Hip Stretches Secrets

Clearly, the best method to take care of Crohn’s symptoms is to tackle Crohn’s itself. Especially, if you prefer to hit those glutes to get the best results. When you’re gaining weight, the heart will work harder and more difficult to pump blood to the extremities. Yoga asanas reduce the danger of injuries and enhances the total body posture too. Weak muscles can quickly experience fatigue on account of their deficiency of strength. Exercise is among the best things that you can do in order to help fight against osteoporosis.


Chronic Pain

In general, every living organism needs two basic things in order to operate indefinitely: nutrients and waste removal. Either one of them diminished causes aging and degeneration. Staying physically active and taking care of the body is something that everyone of us heard at least once in a lifetime. How about considering every day of your life as an investment in your health account? Following this paradigm, people would get healthier with the age, not sicker, the way they have been led to believe by the disease managing market. It is a propagated by allopathic medicine illusion that the health can be achieved and sustained only by means of chemical control. On the opposite, holistic medicine teaches that the body has natural ability to heal itself and that its intelligence is more powerful than man-made chemicals.

Just a few years ago I used to say that I want to change this broken SYSTEM. Now I know, the biggest problem is not the system, but the a person’s MINDSET. Many people would rather not participate in the healing process that requires some effort on their part; they want an immediate cure, something that will stop the annoying symptoms- the joint and muscle pain, the fatigue,etc. so they can continue on their path of self-ignorance and self-abuse. Holistic medicine promotes a healthy condition which is not conducive to disease by allowing the body to express its natural potential. That is a different path that can be taken by CHOICE. The holistic approach to life is something that you do every day whether you are healthy or sick. It is a lifestyle, a better quality of life. I know, that to a certain extent, the message I am trying to convey will fall on the deaf ear. I am at peace with that. The number of people spending thousands of dollars per year out of their pockets for alternative healing methods that are not covered by their healthcare plans are on the rise. That is a fundamental shift. And that is WHY I do what I do. I love saving my clients from expensive procedures, dangerous drugs, thousands of co-pays and deductibles. When your view about pain changes, it transforms how you approach treatment, and it determines the treatment.

According to Travell & Simons, 90% of pain originates in microscopic areas of imbalance in muscles called trigger points, not in disease or injury. If it was an injury, I wouldn’t be able to help my client restore normal, pain-free range of motion in one treatment session. This is excellent news, because it means that we can have significant, even total success in helping the body work its way out of chronic pain and limited movement, and treat non-injury types of pain without resort to drugs, surgery or a reduction in activity. While muscles cause pain and have to be treated, we use functional anatomy and coordinated movement approach to achieve faster and more comprehensive results by focusing on normalizing the range and the quality of the joints’ motions.So for all of you who are determined to find and eliminate the cause of your pain, rather than continue taking care of the symptoms, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A mental paradigm shift opens up the world of hundred possible ways to add life to your years and add years to your life. As I’ve said earlier, it is a matter of CHOICE.